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2004 S60 T Exhaust Pulsing at Idle, misfiring erratically around 0.3Hz

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Re: 2004 S60 T Exhaust Pulsing at Idle, misfiring erratically around 0.3Hz

Post by Georgeandkira »

Here's where an affordable (cheaper) code reader can speed things along. A misfiring coil will generate a P0300 through P0305 code.
The 300 would mean "random misfire'. 301-305 would point to misfires in cylinders 1-5 respectively.
I'd bet buying (or borrowing) a cheap reader would be less costly than asking professors to swap electronic parts for tests.

You bought this car with 150Kkm on the odo. Do you have any idea how well cared for the car was? 150Kkm of local driving on conventional oil (possibly neglected) can contribute to dirt "all over the place".

For example, my dear Mom's locally driven turbo would sputter and poop about. I'd take it out for a highway run and it'd cure itself.

Have you ever used any fuel system cleaner like Techron in it? Fuel injectors can clog.

Another indirect indicator of dirt is the throttle body. They can get foul. You can clean them quickly without a lot of tools.
You'd then be able to see if your forced air pipes (the compressed air to the engine) are filled with oil.

Finding a bad coil would be ideal but looking at things and cleaning as you go will help tell the whole story. Get a reader, mate.
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