s60 2006 t5 baffled

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s60 2006 t5 baffled

Post by volvomadness »

On initial start in the morning the car stumps and stalls. After a few starts it eventually idles normally with no problems. No CEL. I just put a fuel system cleaner in to see if this resolves issue. New Volvo plugs, breather box and air filter have already been done.

Any other thoughts.

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Post by SuperHerman »

On start up, when it is lumpy - what does the exhaust look like?

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Post by 2000c70hpt »

Could be a bad MAF. My c70 did the same thing till I changed it
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Post by oragex »

The kind of issue you would need to read the codes

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Post by Blacklab467 »

Mine did that when the fuel pump was on it’s way out. No CEL.
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Post by jonesg »

I would suspect low fuel pressure after sitting overnite.
Try keying the ignition off/on a few times to prime the system before cranking the engine.

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Post by volvomadness »

Thanks all for your replies. Finally I got a CEL and the culprit was the exhaust vvt solenoid. Replaced which solved the constant stalling a power loss issue. Lucky I had spare parts lying around and didn't have to purchase one.

Still have a slight stall when cold on startup no cel. I feel it's the fuel pressure sensor which I will replace this weekend.

Thanks again Madness

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Post by darrylrobert »

your lucky, i drove my xc70 for 3 years with a bad VVT solenoid no CEL. Check your key antenna ring, the solder joints can crack causing the car to hesitate to start.Good luck
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