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Found 2000 v70xc parts car for 1998 v70xc that had a rollover

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Found 2000 v70xc parts car for 1998 v70xc that had a rollover

Post by rocky_mtn_man »

My partner was towing a heavy trailer down Independence Pass in Colorado and the overloaded trailer had bad sway, she was having trouble going slow, then an asshole passed her with his swaying trailer and it knocked her trailer into the ditch on the side of the road. Long story behind what happened next, but she eventually got her car back from a crooked tow company that destroyed the trailer in an improper recovery, and there was no police report.

After replacing the radiator which the tow hook had punctured, I had to replace a rear strut which was bent and g0t an alignment; the car drove straight after that. However, the driver's side has increasing damage all the way to the back; scratches on the front window, the rear door is pushed in and the rear quarter panel is pushed in such that the tail gate won't close all the way and the window can't be installed.

I have been working on the engine as there are misfire codes. I replaced the spark plugs and discovered the PCV system was clogged; I was also going to do some more work on this car (PCV system replacement, heater core, heater fan, ABS module replacement), but might stop work if this parts car is not as bad as the owner suggests. To repair the side that is puckered is more than just welding on new replacement panels.

How hard is it to do an engine swap? His engine status is unknown, I would have to do the Robert DIY check on the car before I commit. It sure would be nice to work on a car with a good chassis and junk the car I've been getting driveable. It is not fun to have exhaust fumes coming into the cabin.

The description of the car I found on craigslist:

2000 Volvo xc70 for sale for parts or project. Has a bunch of suspension and brake issues and sputters when you accelerate. Engine only has 150,000 miles. Might be worth fixing up for someone wanting a project or someone needing parts. I can have it towed to you for no additional cost.
Rear_Left_view.jpg (41.19 KiB) Viewed 138 times
Parts_car_Spare_tire.jpg (1.07 KiB) Viewed 138 times
Parts_car_front_right.jpg (205.19 KiB) Viewed 138 times
Parts_car_Front_interior.jpg (41.07 KiB) Viewed 138 times
Damaged_XC70_Rear Side Pucker.jpg
Damaged_XC70_Front_left.jpg (1005 Bytes) Viewed 138 times
damaged_XC70 tailgate_won't_close.jpg
Damaged_XC70 Seat won't close all the way.jpg
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Re: Found 2000 v70xc parts car for 1998 v70xc that had a rollover

Post by abscate »

Your bridging the transition between mechanical and electronic eng8ne management between 1998 and 2000 so that means you will have some compatability issues
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Re: Found 2000 v70xc parts car for 1998 v70xc that had a rollover

Post by jonesg »

I would fix the parts car and move on from the XC, or learn to do body panel work.
Maybe both. !
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