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safety upgrade :rear seatbelt LED warning system modification

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safety upgrade :rear seatbelt LED warning system modification

Post by darrylrobert »

The rearview mirror has a number of LEDs that are not being used or are wasted on early model vehicles only displaying the drivers seatbelt fastened/not fastened warning. Thing is if the driver has the seatbelt fastened there is nothing to remind the driver/rear passengers.

Ive installed mechanical switches in the rear seatbelts and wired them to the LEDs in the mirror to warn the driver on the status of the belts. The unused (early model) DIM seatbelt icon now warns the driver that the driver/front passenger is unbuckled.

Its not always possible to hear/turn around while driving to see if passengers have unbuckled their seatbelt.

Volvo had this in mind i believe when they designed the car as manufacturers get extra ANCAP points for warning lights, but maybe volvo didnt need extra points or they kept it for marketing later models. I know this was done on the V50 but not sure about the P3 V70 is could have very easily and cheaply been a safety upgrade by volvo all it would need is 3 sensors and a software update.
*dashboard/mirror LEDs run on 5volts
*if your car has switchable on/off airbags (XC90), one LED light is to be kept for that "airbag off" warning icon.
rear seatbelt switch
rear seatbelt switch
mechanic seatbelt switch.jpg (75.88 KiB) Viewed 101 times
rearview led modification
rearview led modification
rearview led display modification xc70.jpg (208.75 KiB) Viewed 101 times
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