Recommendations on Spring seats

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Recommendations on Spring seats

Post by Blacklab467 »

Does anyone have a good recommendation on which spring seats to buy for the front struts? I cannot afford the genuine Volvo ones so I will be putting together an order for IPD soon to include a few parts. Also ball joints? Are the Lemforder ones acceptable? Also has anyone had good success with the IPD subframe bushing inserts? Spark Plugs, mine haven't been changed in at least 100,000 kms and would like to get OEM quality ones. And also tie rod ends, what brand are best? I'd like to get it all from single source (IPD) to save on shipping.
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Post by oragex »

Spring seats Sachs or CRP/Rein
Ball joints, end links, tie rods Lemforder
Strut mount bearing - perhaps Corteco (not Lemforder)
Axle shafts and boots GKN
Control arms - not sure, I would get genuine bushings from Volvo and press them in. Maybe also Meyle HD
Spark plugs turbo Bosch ... kt#fitment
Ignition coils Bosch
Timing belt Continental wp Aisin
Tensioners INA

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Post by Blacklab467 »

Any thoughts on the subframe bushing inserts good/ bad? Do they work?
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Post by GlennG2759 »

I used the poly inserts on a ‘94 850 I had owned and in the
‘06 V70 I’m now driving, you’ll notice a difference especially if
It’s a high mileage car, definitely stiffens the ride. I used a 2” pvc
coupling with 2” pc. of pvc pipe cutoff at the end of the coupling
and pressed them in with a floor jack most of the way. Use plenty of lube and new bolts (about $7.00 each). I believe these are stretch bolts. There is a specific torque + degree tightening, but forgot what it was. IMHO $70 very well spent. Good luck

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Post by - Pete - »

I had typed up a long paragraph & it seems to have
disappeared. Sorry if I missed something.

Be very speculative when considering anything Lemforder, nowadays. Years ago you couldn’t go wrong with them. Now, it’s hard to go right with them.

Anyhow, Meyle HD top bearing plates seem to be ok. I ordered mine from UK, boxes marked as made in Germany but actual parts inside are unmarked, which makes me speculate...
I do have approximately 30-40k accumulated on them, spread amongst 3 P2’s without issue. Lemforders are guaranteed to fail in well under 10k miles.

Spring seats, as Oragex has said, Rein/CRP.
Subframe bushing inserts, many complain of this being a difficult install, but it’s very simple & tightens up the front nicely. Well worth the $40~ish whatever the current cost is. New bolts are a MUST. The cheaper variation is $4-5/bolt & well worth it. Many (myself included) have reused their originals, though.

Meyle HD control arms are a quality product for the investment. Their ball joints hold up decently as well. I have the “special ball joint tool”, if you want to borrow it. I’ve never personally used it, but others have. To me it’s just as timely to use a socket & clamp the knuckle in a vise.

For spark plugs, run Bosch/Volvo plugs and cinch down your intervals. Lest you go long on plugs, you shall surely pay for it in ignition coils. I do 30k intervals on plugs & purchase through FCP.
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Post by vtl »

People were using spring seats from XC90, they last a very long time. If I remember correctly, later Volvo started to sell those seats for all P2s. I did all of my overland trips with those seats, carrying like 350-400 lbs on the roof alone, and the seats are still great, after 100k'ish miles.
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Post by Blacklab467 »

Just checked my front end and my spring seats were done as were my subframe bushings. I contemplated getting the subframe inserts but instead opted for new HD Volvo brand subframe bushings and Volvo spring seats. I ordered the new bolts as well.
Looking forward to getting these installed as I've had oversteer in tight parking situations that I'm sure are attributable to the "lean over" of the struts due to bad seats and the clunking noise from them. I cannot believe how much I could move the bushings with the car jacked up and a pry bar under the wheel! The top strut bolts did not rotate so I don't think the spring seats are separated like in some videos but the strut would "rise and fall" about an inch when the wheel was pried on from under the tire. I think the rubber is just deteriorated very bad.
I've never been so anxious to install these new parts and have a nice riding/ steering car again!
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Post by MoVolvos »

Blacklab467 wrote: Tue Dec 08, 2020 11:14 am
Any thoughts on the subframe bushing inserts good/ bad? Do they work?
Worked very well on a 03 S80 T6 with less than 135K miles when installed. Firmer and more precise steering. Since you are already in there might as well torque those bolts only once. It will also help you eliminate that area of the chassis from future problems that prop up or still exist after finishing all the other items.

Had some suspensions issues and after changing many parts it looks like it may be the control arm bushings after all. Have those parts and will know if the problem goes away after installation.



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Post by abscate »

110k and 6 years on the XC90 spring seats on the T5. Still tight and quiet as new
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