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1995 850 Turbo Motor Mount - Tips...

Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.

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1995 850 Turbo Motor Mount - Tips...

Post by Oddbob » Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:05 pm

With a friend, I did my motor mounts in my 850 Turbo. Along the way I learned a lot (like the fact that some write ups on 850 motor mounts may have been completed on non-turbo cars or cars that are unlike your own.).

The passenger side motor mount:
- You may have to jack the engine up higher once you've unscrewed the mount from the engine to get to the forward-most screw. If you don't it will be a pain.
- This was the easiest mount I replaced.

The front motor mount:
- After many attempts to jack the car high enough with an engine crane (I didn't want to use a floor jack and wood), we finally realized that we could just get a cable strap and lift the engine from the portion where it connects to the mount itself. If you do this be sure you don't wrap the transmission line in the rope... like I did (I realized what I did before any damage could be done, though).
- Because my car is Turbo, I had to take much of the turbo piping off. This wasn't much of a hassle, but in order to get the motor mounts out and in, the pipe from the intercooler to the throttle body had to be removed.
- The bolt for the bottom of the mount is accessed through a hole on the frame member it is attached to.
- Be sure to align the mounts correctly! More on this later.

The rear motor mount:
- This was by far the hardest for my car.
- The turbo in turbo cars sits almost directly above the rear engine mount, so I had to use two swivel sockets, three extensions, and the correct 14 or 15mm normal-well socket. I also had to climb on top of the engine to align all this up properly.
- Once this is loosened, slide under the car and take a 15mm normal-well socket with you, along with the swivel socket (sway bar is in the way), and an extension. However, if your car has the factory mount on it, take an impact with you. If you don't have an impact, just pray a lot.
- This bolt is more visible than the front motor mount's was.
- What was most difficult about this mount is that it is behind the engine with a turbo on it, so possibly unlike NA cars, this mount had to come out from beneath the car. In fact, I had to pry mine out, and once it came out it fell on my face. This pissed me off. Be prepared to be in a precarious spot and be prepared to be in many positions you never thought you could be contorted into.
- Before my rear mount came out, I did have to break down and put a floor jack + wood under the bell housing (not the oil pan... that's just dumb) to get the engine up high enough where it needed to be higher.
- Be sure to align the mounts correctly! More on this, well, right now.

Aligning the mounts:
- Someone on the internet said they screwed their front motor mount into the bottom of the frame and then lowered the engine down on top of the mount successfully. I tried this, and $126.57 later, tried again. Yeah, I misaligned it when it slipped and thus the bolt in the mount was shoved down into the mount and pierced the hydraulic mechanism and instantly made the mount a bad mount. I went to Napa and the only mounts they had looked like the rear motor mount. I bought it anyway, tried it, and it worked.
- What I did on my second try was bolt the mount in from the top, and then lowered the engine with the mount attached to its final resting spot, then bolted it to the frame. If you misalign it like this, you are much less likely to create a fiasco for yourself.
- Bolting it to the top (to the engine) first worked for the rear motor mount as well. So this is how I would do it in the future, unless you like unplanned trips to Napa and unplanned expenditures.
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