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Headlight wipers not parking

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Headlight wipers not parking

Post by befarrer »

Every once and awhile my driver's side headlight wiper won't park in the correct position, usually about half way up. But next time when I turn the car on it will return to the correct park position. I was going to remove the motors and inspect and lube the geartrain, but I have to move the condenser forward, so I put it off for now. Is there something that usually goes wrong in there that can be fixed that causes this? I'm thinking a switch not making contact all the time.
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Post by jimmy57 »

There is a resistor disc inside the motor to act as an automatic circuit breaker of sorts. The disc will get corrosion or fail. You remove motor and carefully pry tabs and open it to get access. When you get inside you can follow some wires and find the silver disc between two sprung finger contacts. The motor will stop wherever and then when ignition is off the resistor cools and then on next key cycle it either parks or at least goes part way towards park until next off and on cycle.

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