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440 Relay Box - aircon/interior light problem

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440 Relay Box - aircon/interior light problem

Post by andyb440 »

Hi folks,
Hoping someone can point me in the right direction with an electrical problem on my 1995 440 GLT.
When I fit the aircon relay it shorts the interior light circuit and blows fuse 22... but the aircon works fine.
I've tried a brand new aircon relay and the same happens.
The aircon relay is adjacent to the interior light delay relay and I'm wondering whether there might be a problem either with the relay base or a connector beneath it. So.... How do I remove the triangular base of the under-bonnet relay box? Does it come up or go down once unclipped and the single screw removed? It looks like it goes down, so how can you then see/get at the connectors and wiring??
The aircon fuse (24) and interior lights fuse (22) are only separated by a blank/unused fuse holder in the fuse box so I guess this would also be good to investigate.
Many thanks... Andy

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