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~ RIP Dianne Spinner ~

Robert is 2000 miles from home and can use assistance in funeral and transport costs back home to Ohio.

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Audio upgrade for P3 XC70 2014, swapping amplifiers

How to integrate your phone into your Volvo's audio. Which speakers to buy to replace old ones. Recommended head unit brands and models... This is where we talk watts, ohms, GPS, iPod integration, component installation, tips, tricks and advice for making your Volvo's audio, video, ticket avoiding and mapping gadgets work better than ever... iPod, XM, GPS, DVD, Speakers, Amps, Radar Detectors
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Audio upgrade for P3 XC70 2014, swapping amplifiers

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I'm planning to upgrade audio in my XC70 from 2014 (P3) from High Performance to Harman Kardon/Dynaudio/Premium Sound (dependning on what I find on the market) and I have some questions.

1. Do I only need to crack CEM to swap High Performance amplifier by using VDash? What will happen if I connect a new AMP without doing it?
2. Will High Performance speakers survive the amplifier from Harman Kardon/Dynaudio/Premium Sound? I'd like to first replace an AMP and later the speakers.
3. Are older amplifiers (before XC70 lift) compatible with XC70s after lift? What I mean is if for example AMP from 2008 will work on my 2014.

I've found some information about audio upgrade on P3 in the following link but that isn't enough for me :)

Any help welcome!

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