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2017 XC90 (SPA) CEM unlock

A forum for Volvo's new, fantastic XC90! XC90 T5, T6, T8... all the new XC90 trim levels for this Volvo built on Volvo's Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) that also is the platform for the S60, XC60, V60, V60 Cross Country, Polestar 1, S90, V90 and V90 Cross Country.
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2017 XC90 (SPA) CEM unlock

Post by Joe4all »

Hi, I would like to unlock the video in motion on the car. I heard there
are some programs that can do it. I used the vdash to check the
option but it seams I have to unlock the CEM.
Anyone knows what to do and can give me some details. I am new to this.

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Post by xiaofei204716 »

Registered vdash professional account

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Post by dgomes »

To unlock the CEM you need the CEM Pin.

On the SPA cars, you will need to send D5T5 (vDash guys) your car's VIDA .log file from a VIDA sw installation.

You may try to get that from the dealer after you run a Configuration Test sw or a Total Upgrade sw. (they usually don't give those away, but you may try).

The alternative, if you are in the US, is to register as a VIDA user, install the VIDA client, get the sw download license and run the sw yourself.

You will find the log file at: C:\users\<user_name>\VIDA\Prod\LOG\Diagnostics\<car_VIN>.log

There are some threads that discuss that on the Swedespeed forum.

The only other alternative is to take the CEM off and some vDash professional crack it on the bench.

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