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Misfire on all cylinders 2007 S80 V8

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Misfire on all cylinders 2007 S80 V8

Post by derdingle »

Greetings all,
First post here as I have had no problems with my 2007 S80 V8 with 116,000 miles, but finally started having an issue, one of which I can't seem to pin down and resolve. I have had the car for about 3 years now, and recently (past two months) swapped the plugs, all filters (air, cabin, oil change), had the haldex and transmission serviced, and have purchased, but not installed, the complete suspension including the 4C shocks. Basically doing a full service.
Now, in the past week, when cold starting after sitting overnight, the engine will stumble considerably and the CEL will illuminate. When I read the codes, I get misfire on all cylinders and random misfire. Basically nothing specific.
After a few mins, it will return to idling normally and drive fine.
Between the Facebook S80 V8 group, and multiple forums online, I have seen people say it could be anything from a cracked fuel line that is getting air into the line after sitting, thus causing the injectors to act up. (Can't smell any fuel) Fuel pressure sensor without any code. Problematic grounds for the coil packs since I was just in there replacing plugs. (They appear fine and I have cleaned and re-torqued them. That one would seem unlikely if it acts normal after a few mins and runs fine warmed up.)

So basically I am running out of ideas here and it's beyond annoying to not be able to fix the problem.
Any guidance and/or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Post by humbertoflores63 »

Your car also has problems with ignition coils grounds leads.

If fuel related, like leaking fuel injectors. You need a good scanner to monitor fuel pressure!

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