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Shop Safety

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Shop Safety

Post by BlackBart »

Interesting piece on the Hagerty feed with a list of the most dangerous shop items.

https://www.hagerty.com/media/maintenan ... 1134a7530b

Drill Press
Spring Compressor
Trash Can (BOOM!)
"Your Ego" AH HA!!
Any Knife
Punches (brittle)

Under Grinder....
"Handheld grinders can easily spin a 4.5″ disc to 8000 rpm and are used to remove material from your project. That material is coming off the wheel at Mach Jesus and bouncing about your shop. Without due care that material will bounce right back at you or damage delicate parts of your project, or worse, your eyes. Questionable quality discs can also break apart and become projectiles in every direction. Grinders are powerful tools to be used with respect and care as to where the material is going. It’s best practice to to use quality attachments, combined with good personal protective equipment."

UnderYour EGO!...
"One of the most powerful and dangerous tools is your own brain. Confidence comes in one of two ways: experience or ignorance. Walk into a job with the latter and it’s only a matter of time before you are hurt and wondering what happened. Using tools improperly or taking shortcuts are surefire ways to end up damaging your project and/or your body. Check you ego at the garage door, and a safer—and more fun—time will be had by all."

Under floor jacks....
"This is “double-jacking” the car - leaving the floor jack in place after you let the car settle on the stands. Do it. Every. Single. Time.

"...the physics are amazing, but even more amazing is that all that hydraulic pressure often rests on just a few five-cent o-rings. Do you trust your life to an o-ring? I didn’t think so. Use jack stands."
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Post by FireFox31 »

The guys at my local Makerspace say the metal lathe is one of the most dangerous tools in the metal shop. "It has tremendous torque. It doesn't care what gets caught in its rotation, it will simply pull it in without question or remorse." They recommend against wearing work gloves while using the machine.

Yeah, I only use it without power to check if my brake rotors have run-out.
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Post by abscate »

We lost a bright star,scientist at Yale, Michelle Dufault, to a lathe in 2011.

Her hair got caught, it pulled her in, and she suffocated. She wasn’t found until next morning.
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