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Radio or Speakers Shorted

How to integrate your phone into your Volvo's audio. Which speakers to buy to replace old ones. Recommended head unit brands and models... This is where we talk watts, ohms, GPS, iPod integration, component installation, tips, tricks and advice for making your Volvo's audio, video, ticket avoiding and mapping gadgets work better than ever... iPod, XM, GPS, DVD, Speakers, Amps, Radar Detectors
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Radio or Speakers Shorted

Post by XC70Rider »

Last week the radio in my 2007 XC70 would flicker on and off. When I shut it off I could hear the left rear speaker clicking. Today the middle speaker on the dash made a constant loud hissing noise. It wouldn't stop hissing when I shut off the radio. Had to pull both the speaker and radio fuses. I haven't touched any wires nor anything under the dash recently.

It's been decades since I fooled with audio so need some tips. I used to amp with sub woofers back in my college years but that's been awhile.

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Post by Stu70 »

If its an HU850 - they fail in the audio out section with dry solder joints. Disassemble the radio and find where the board looks a darker brown. There are a couple of transistor looking fellows in the middle of the brown patch these can benefit with a small stick on heatsink (Mouser , RS etc) but on the flip side of those guys is usually where the joints go bad. Reflow the joints, reassemble check and test.
This is all assuming the board is not too far gone and cooked, but its worth a try and cheaper than sourcing a replacement.

Have a look at to see what I mean (nearer the end) there is another one that i cant find at the moment that demonstartes the heat sink theory
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