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Rehoming 2002 S80

Everything on the Volvo S80. Sometimes called an "executive car", the S80 was Volvo's top-of-the-line passenger car.
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Rehoming 2002 S80

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Firstly, thanks to Forum members for providing me with great information as I dealt with various head-scratchers as an S80 owner. I rarely (something to do with accumulating years) haul numbers of people around the State of New Mexico. After a recent perfect trip-weather and all, with several friends, I returned home solo and lost almost all forward propulsion when a light turned green. It took 5000 rpm to get enough propulsion to limp home. The warning message "transmission service urgent" clicked on just as I arrived home.
Reverse worked fine, since I use "firehouse" parking in my garage, I was able to back in to my spot. It seems that all 3 forward bands (mine has the GM turbo-hydramatic "E" model transmission) had failed at once. Local resources for automatic transmission overhau don't look promising, Since everything else works great, and this model is the first year Volvo finished fortifying the fuel system for today's ethanol, as well as the only one with 17 inch aluminum wheels and low profile tires (which effectively lowers rpm at cruise) and unbuggy electronics. Just last year volvo replaced the steering wheel airbag per a recall.
A previous owner evidently had no garage, so the green paint bears the typical Southwest signature fade. I toyed with the idea of have the car "vinyled"--much better than paint.
I'm looking for a Volvo enthusiast who could rehome my Volvo and restore its effortless forward propulsion to spec. It would have to be trailered from borderland New Mexico to wherever. Step forward and we'll deal! Cheers to allImage[/img]
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