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2007 V70 Towbar

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2007 V70 Towbar

Post by dh058977 »

Hi All,

Hoping for some advice! I purchased a 2007 V70 2.5L petrol from a local independent garage with a 3-month warranty.

We tow a small folding camper so I went to the same local tow bar company that I have always used, that was fitted on the 9th Nov.

On the 20th Nov my car wouldn't start and gave me lots of errors including immobiliser, charging failure, transmission service required and DSTC service required.

The garage has had it back and apparently sent the ECU off to be fixed, they first said it was water damage, but they are now suggesting that by using non Volvo wiring to do the towbar has caused the issue? I've spoken to the towbar company who tell me that a bypass relay was used and that it comes from the 12v rear socket electrics so this wouldn't be the issue.

The garage are not refusing to fix the issue and I will get the car back but they have really worried me by saying that this could keep happening due to the towbar.

Any advise welcome!

Thank you

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