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Seat wiring help.....not in car

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Seat wiring help.....not in car

Post by mainer0311 »

Hello, I'm in the process of converting a 2022 Isuzu NPR truck into a camper. Part of that process is making it a bit more comfortable for long drives.

I've elected to install front seats out of an 2017 XC90. I'm trying to figure out the wiring to make the adjustability and heat functions work.

I assume the seats can be controled from the XC90's canbus, I have no need for this function, simply want the adjustment switches on the side to work and the heat to be switched on and off through its own switch.

The wires to the switches are significantly smaller than the wires to the motors themselves, this makes me think motor current doesn't travel through the switches.

Does anyone have access to a wiring diagram? The seat are R-design, so I assume no massage functions.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Post by Mihailpainy »

Hi all

After sorting out all of the bigger more important jobs on the car I am now starting on some of the smaller less important ones. Heated seats are not really my thing but in the interest of getting the car as 100 as possible I think I will take a look at the none working drivers heated seat. To that end I have a few questions I was hoping you could help me with?

Please bear in mind that I have not started with the multimeter as yet but I have made some observations and I have taken a look at the wiring diagram.

1 No part of the seat is heating up at all. There are 4 heating elements as far as I can see with them wired in 2 parallel circuits. Even if 1 element has failed I should still get some heating. This suggests to me a problem that is affecting the whole seat? Any thoughts please?

2 The fact that the passenger seat is working perfectly suggests its not a power supply issue as both front seats are fed from the same source. Even the temperature control potentiometers are fed from the same source. I obviously could have a broken wire feeding the drivers seat only but that would be pretty unusual. Once again, any thoughts please?

3 I have swapped the control switches over from side to side and that has made no difference.

4. If this was a seat occupancy issue which I cant find on the wiring diagram by the way would that not give me an air bag issue?

5. If all of my possibly misguided assumptions are correct then I seem to be looking at a seat temperature sensor issue. I will need get my meter out and do a resistance check to confirm. If it does indeed end up being this, is it possible to replace it?

Thanks for your patience

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