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2000 c70 roof closing issues

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2000 c70 roof closing issues

Post by scuby »

ive been googling and reading for days and can't find much of anything that can help. I have vida.

On my 2000 c70 soft top, the roof wil retract, usually it takes about four presses of the button to complete the process. The first few just roll the side windows down bit by bit, which is strange. Once it's happy with where the windows are which is random at best, the rear cover flips up and the soft top fully desengages the front motor and locks and folds away nicely in the rear. Sometimes the rear cover then folds back down 90%, sometimes it requires letting go of and pushing the button again. It's worth noting that it NEVER locks the rear deck properly into place. This has to be done manually.

Folding back up goes well to the exact same point in the sequence each and every time. so I'm hoping someone who knows which sensors trigger which parts of the sequence can help me look in the right places. I have pulled all connectors and cleaned everything I can with contact cleaner. there is no cloth getting in the gears and everything is greased, it moves smoothly when it moves.

When I go to close the roof which also can trigger random side window behaviour, it wil flip the rear deck lid up nicely, the folding roof comes out smoothly and pormptly stops about 3 to 4 inches about the windshield, the front motor does nothing, the rear deck lid remains vertical and the rear window remains in the upward position. The front motor not operating seems to cause a stop of some kind physically for the roof top to straighten out and perhaps it's also what doens't trigger the rear cover to drop which needs to happen befgore the rear glass can.

I'm really hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

The recurring Vida code is Cab 120 and Cab 121 which is for roof invalid position.

I'ts been to a lazy and expensive dealer who claimes the roof needs replacing as the mechanics of it aren't smooth and it has too much physical resistance. Which as a mechanic I argued but let's just say where I live customer service isn't high on the list. They didn't want the work on a 23 year old car. Too fiddly and not easy enough.

Can anyone help with something like a schematic telling me which pentiometers should be at whcih values and also which swithces are located where and would for instance not trigger the rear deck to drop and the fron motor to engage and thus pull the top closed up front.

They all work in reverse so physically there is no reason it shouldn't close if it can open.

Again worth noting that rear cover doesn't lock completely by itself. Would love to be able to use the roof.

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