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2006 XC70 rear sub frame removal and bushing replacement

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Re: 2006 XC70 rear sub frame removal

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Blacklab467 wrote: 27 Mar 2023, 20:12 Please keep us informed on the progress, this is a job I may undertake this summer. Also if you could at some point provide a parts list and cost and time estimate for removal of suspension and drivetrain components. I assume that you are using Volvo parts and replacing bolts and hardware also? Thanks.
Hi Blacklab,
I did not use new hardware, most torque values are pretty low.
I used all Lemforder bushing, 1 Meyle and 1 Delphi being substituted by FCP. Volvo bushing are very expensive and I am hoping to get another 5 years out of the car and not another 17 years ;-)
I suggest ordering parts ASAP, parts are mostly sold out and now and then available.
With knowing all the adapters and tools ahead of time, I would reserve 1 day for removing the suspension components and exhaust and only lower sub frame with the rear differential and prop shaft attached. You may have to unbolt the evap pump and charcoal cannister.
1/2 day for removal and installation of the bushings assuming you do the TrailLink bushing and upper control arm bushings only.
1 day for putting everything back
And an alignment afterwards.

As far as pricing, you can check the links in my post.
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