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the friend strikes again!

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the friend strikes again!

Post by oscilloscope »

so my friend got wind of me trying to perform a synchro on my volvo! which i finally succeeded to do! now he has told me that he has bought him self a volvo which apparently has the same issue! :lol:

so i asked what is the volvo ? oh i dunno ? , ,, erm what?!

what year is it ? , ermmm 2009 ? i ask send me a pic of the number plate. , i can't they have been ripped off because it was a stolen recovered... ,,, omg :lol: :roll:

but he say's can i sychro these modules ? yeah great start... i don't know what the car is , i don't know what year it is. im basically guessing when i google the ecu part number...

i'll grab the beers .....
volvo ecu 0281012 103 possibly edc16.jpg
volvo ecu 0281012 103 possibly edc16.jpg (269.7 KiB) Viewed 88 times
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volvo cem l 28241898.jpg (145.35 KiB) Viewed 88 times

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Post by abscate »

Probably a 2010 model based on date codes

Are you trying to get the ECU pinned to the cORRECT VIN?

You have to go through Volvo to do that if you don’t have the original
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