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850 2.0 T5 starting issues

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Year and Model: 1996 850 T5
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850 2.0 T5 starting issues

Post by yicoc »

I just bought an 850 T5 and i have some starting issues. Sometimes it starts very well at the first key, sometimes i crank it for about 3-4 times very long to start her up.
I replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor rotor, distributor cap, cam sensor, no difference...when she starts first 2 minutes before it warms, when I try to accelerate, the rpms are going very very slow, almost stalling, but after 2 seconds of pressing the gas pedal, and reach about 1800 2000 rpm, she revs up normally. Once it's warmed up, she drives fine, no problems, until i shut it off and try to start it again...

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