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9135036 tensioner Ina vs Volvo

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Re: 9135036 tensioner Ina vs Volvo

Post by 454cid »

I think the hydraulic tensionor is actually not an INA product, but Aisin. My replacement was an Aisin, and I think the original I removed was too. I see "Aisin" cast into many of them online, for sale, no matter the labeling.
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Post by abscate »

There Is no way you could convince me to buy critical engine parts from eBay.

One path to these products is failed product from the OE manufacturer getting pulled from the dumpster and getting sold on.
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Post by Goupil »

I replaced the timing belt on an engine with a Volvo mechanical tensioner, and it clearly says INA on it. My Contitech timing kit came with a new INA tensioner.

As for the hydraulic tensioner, I am quite sure Aisin is the OEM as 454cid said
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Post by rguzz »

Some INA parts are coming around and are suspiciously inexpensive, for my A6 Audi FCP has a serpentine belt INA tensioner for 65 bucks. The photo shows no markings but that might not mean anything. Wondering if INA is becoming another packaging from anywhere part along with most others. Regardless, if you suspect you'll need these parts in the near future get them now as they are becoming scarce.

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