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Sunroof windnoise

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Sunroof windnoise

Post by arrrxivvv »

Trying to remedy the wind noise at highway speed, around 65 mph, I taped around the sunroof and the wind noise reduced quite a bit, so I assume that is the source of the wind noise.

How to correct this properly? Is there a seal to replace or does the glass need to be adjusted?

The sunroof does not leak water when going through car wash.
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Post by vtl »

Are the bolts holding the glass came loose? Remove the plastic "accordions" (they will break, need new ones), inspect the bolts. Can also realign the glass, the front should be tad lower than the back. Both ends should not sit higher than the roof.

If everything looks snug and aligned, it's the sunroof frame/rails that developed a play.
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Post by EngineeringBloke »

Please post a photo. Why did you tape around the sunroof? It should close and present a smooth outline and a seal on all 4 sides.

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