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Quick lower front end tip: axle seals

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Quick lower front end tip: axle seals

Post by leapdragon »

Hi all,

Just had my lower front end apart this weekend to replace all the stuff preventatively on both sides: control arms, ball joints, sway bar links, tie rods, hubs/bearings, and of course fresh bolts all around. Just in case someone else is doing to do any work where they have to pull things apart and the axle will come out of the hub...

Buy axle seals. They will come out cracked.

That is all. (I have some on the way and will be taking things apart again in a few days to put them in. Wish I'd have thought of—and bought them—the first time.)

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Mike Langlois
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Post by Mike Langlois »

Smart and replace your springs with your struts and shocks. I didn't and got to do it all over again a year later.

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