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Perform an ECM upgrade, P/N 30668282. Topic is solved

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Perform an ECM upgrade, P/N 30668282.

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VOLVO BCM-0100.pdf
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My car is a C70 2007 with 140K miles. After all the symptoms, thinking was the fuel pump, relay, filter...everything related to fuel I found this in one of the online mechanics. I think this is exactly my problem, talk about everything that happened. So now I need to replace or repair or reprogram my ECM. Does anybody knows of someone or how to upgrade the ECM, of course the best solution should be take the car to the dealer, just called them and they ask me to take the car, the car is not driving so there goes $200, the repair would cost maybe 5 or 600...not what I'm looking for. So if anyone have any idea please. Thank you in advance to everyone. I'm uploading an official or very official looking Volvo Boletin, hopefully will help some one or many

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