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XC60 - Tuning and Ventilated Seats

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XC60 - Tuning and Ventilated Seats

Post by TheQMiami »

Greetings All,

Willy here from Miami, FL USA. So after much research, looks like I'll be turning to a 2022 XC60. My parents had Volvo wagons when I was young, then my best friend and recently my brother resparked the greatness with C30's (unfortunately the 2nd was bought used and had an oil leak... then engine rebuild). I currently drive a Caddy ATS-V with a remap pumping 575HP... but now with my commercial RE job and two small additions to the family need to get something for biz and family, but with some performance drive to it. Of course, not expecting too much, but definitely need something with pep and sporty handling in a reasonably priced crossover SUV... ENTER THE XC60.... After MUCH research, not sure infrastructure nor the ridiculous pricing is in a stage whereby it makes sense for me as of yet. Hence, I've always wanted a Volvo again and I see they've come a long way, especially with reliability. I drive around 25K miles per year, so comfort is another big focus. I'm not a German car guy whatsoever, and really don't like the Audio and Bimmer interiors, even less their hard seats. and all of them can get expensive on the repairs and maintenance end, more than Volvos. The XC60 is probably the best all-around crossover for my needs, and I love the design, inside and out. I do wish they had beefier tires, but that's a conversation for another time.

Buying new is always a big loss for me, as I put too many miles on these, so prefer someone else to take the initial deval hit. Leasing doesn't work for me due to the mileage I require. I'm looking to get into a used 2022, since they have the updated design and the 455 HP powertrains.

Here's my one big dilemma I need your help with. As I stated, I live in South FL where the humidity and heat might as well make this area an oversized steam room all the time, especially in the summers. One requirement I need is ventilated seats. The issue here is that I do want the Polestar mapping, Akebono brakes and wheels, but I don't see any with Ventilated seats, yet it's supposed to be the TOP trim. Even my ATS-V gave the option of the Custom Recaro seats OR the regular ventilated seats.

Can you guys educate me here as to how I can get ventilated seats in a '22 Polestar or in the least, R-Design and perhaps I can add the Akebono brakes and wheels aftermarket?
What are my best options to increase the stock 455 HP? Is the Polestar remap upgradeable, or is it even worth it over a 3rd party remap?

Your knowledge and help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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