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2001 V70 Base Revving to 2500 rpm on startup

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2001 V70 Base Revving to 2500 rpm on startup

Post by BYork3 »

I’ve been losing my mind the last few weeks trying to figure out this start up issue with my 2001 V70 Base Model. On start up, the engine will try to redline unless I hold the key in the II position for 10-15 seconds. Then it will only rev to 2500rpm before coming back down to a 900rpm idle after 2 or 3 seconds. It is currently not giving me any check engine or ets lights on the dash besides the engine service urgent warning. I’ve got 20lbs of vacuum at start up with the AC off so I am almost positive it isn’t a vacuum leak. It also does this regardless of being started hot or cold. I have also checked all the fuses under the hood (etm, MAF, accelerator pedal, etc). The ETM and MAF were replaced by Volvo a while back so I don’t believe either is the issue. Some other symptoms are no cruise control, a slight 1-2 second lag when the throttle is pressed and almost no power below 4000rpm. Not sure if these are symptoms or me just not remembering how slow this car was after not driving it for a while lol. I have a basic obdII scanner that is showing 20% throttle input when the key is turned on and my foot is off the pedal, but it then adjusts as the idle drops to 9% or so. This is causing me to lean towards the accelerator pedal sensor, but from what I’ve read those almost never go bad. Any suggestions or am I stuck until I can get access to someone with a DICE diagnostic tool and VIDA?

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