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Speakers upgrade

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Speakers upgrade

Post by nedqlkow »


the car is a Volvo S60, 2005 with a 2.5 engine and 140 horsepower.
It is equipped with a HU-403 radio, which aside from the radio signal and cassette, gives me absolutely no other options for playing music. For this reason I use a transmitter.

The sound quality is unpleasant, especially on songs where there is more bass. There are vibrations in all the speakers that make listening to certain songs simply impossible.

To improve the overall situation, I am considering doing a few things as follows:

- I will add the WEFA digital changer to the factory audio system - https://wefa.by/product/wefa-wf-606-usb ... lya-volvo/ which allows me to listen to music as via AUX , as well as via Bluetooth.

- I am considering replacing the factory front and rear door speakers with aftermarket ones as follows:
*Front doors - https://www.audiotec-fischer.de/en/heli ... rs/l-62c.2
*Rear doors - https://www.audiotec-fischer.de/en/deta ... rticle/460

- I am planning to install 11mm sound insulation on the 4 doors.

I have a question here. Given that I don't plan to install an amplifier, is it worth replacing the factory speakers, or is it better to install only the digital changer first and try it, and if I don't get the desired effect, then think about new speakers?


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