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Guess what I found? Another upgrade for ol' Rotten Tomater

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Guess what I found? Another upgrade for ol' Rotten Tomater

Post by CIK7 »

In the first week of May, i went to the Tulsa LKQ to get the dolby CPU mount, dash, and wires. I took the sc901 too. I was confused why I could not find the amp under seat or in tunnel. After I removed the airbag from the dash panel, I forgot to grab those wires off of the seat. Last Saturday, I went to the Dallas South location of PnP to salvage those wires from a 98 white t5. Someone tore that up bad; nothing good left. Fast forward to today. I went back to the Tulsa LKQ. Those wires were still on the passenger seat where I left them. Figured I would see where the other end of the green plug was. Nowhere probably because its the center speaker setup, not just the lone sc901. Or Im a duffice. I tried to hunt for the amp again. Well a call to rspi (Robert Spinner) cleared that up fast. And I told yall all this for the treasure chest. I salvaged a 400w amp from that c70 trunk! What a monster!
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