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Bluetooth issues 2012 XC 60

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Bluetooth issues 2012 XC 60

Post by vskiwi »

Hi, We have a XC 60 which has been ( and still is) a great car.
I have tried to remove an old Galaxy Samsung S4 phone which has been broken ages ago but the Volvo keeps searching for it.
When I try to add other devices it says unable to find devices, yet when I search from my I phone 14 I find "my Volvo car" and attempt to connect, but either fails on a password ( which I don't know) ( we wouldn't thave changed it from factory)

I have tried so many times but continually it fails.
I have deleted all the devices but it still searches for the S4 galaxy.

Is there a global reset that can be done? or do I need to take it to a dealer too get them to Change it via the OBD2 port?
Or some other solution you wise people may have
Thanks in advance

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