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XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Do you have a failing Electronic Throttle Module? What steps to take if you do, plus the latest ETM news. Volvo 1999-2002 models only please.
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Re: XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Post by McLindy »

I tried to edit my post on page 5 but was unable. Anyway, I've had the XeMODeX in for a little more than a year with no issues. I'm very happy with it and at least I feel more confident having it than if I had used an OEM part.

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Post by Peteh1 »

Sorry this is a late posting, but I just made the switch over 2 weeks ago, it was a dynamic change, worth every penny (499.00usd) bought and installed unit up and running in 4 day's, originally had a problem, car ran like brand new (2000 Volvo V70 Turbo 190,000 miles) then engine returned to it's poor running state, called Nathan at Xemodex, and he walked me through some simple tests but no luck. Got back on the phone HE called me the next morning, we put my car on my Dice Diagnostic Laptop, he walked me through a few more tests, we found the problem, a bad MAF sensor. I gotta tell you, these guys were fabulous, as far as I'm concerned I got the very best technical help from any company I've used in 45 years of mechanics and computer building. This company goes out of it's way to make your purchase worth every penny! And he told me to call him back on any issue that could possibly have something to do with their products, they are top shelf. And I Do recommend them to anyone who has a electrical fuel delivery system that Volvo never should have used in the first place, very costly to us all, although there is a callback on these vehicles, here in Ct. the dealer has the typical run around, and new ETM is not in stock, so on and so forth. Good Luck.

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Post by jbjs40 »

1999 V70 non turbo 2.4i.
replaced ETM with XemodeX a year ago in 2012.
The only thing that I needed to do was get the cars computer flashed/updated by a mechanic that charged $65.00. (necessary)
Since then absolutely flawless.
The customer service and the whole process was way above standard. Everything went real smooth and the only hard part was getting the connecting wires around the starter. I clipped it out of the way rather than screw with it any more than possible. The hardest part was the price but it was still way cheaper than having the dealer do it. It's a wonderful experience when you do the job and everything works! XemodeX is a great company to deal with , I recommend them highly.

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Post by jhendersonriter »

Vehicle: C70 coupe 2.3L HPT
Year: 2001
Current Mileage: 180,520 miles
ETM sticker color: White
ETM replaced? Yes, with the Xemodex ETM. Not sure whether a previous owner used an original ETM from a junkyard, but the unit appeared as original as everything else.
How many times? This is the first time.

First, I bought this C70 in a bit of a pickle. My 1994 854 turbo was on its last legs and I had to return from Pennsylvania to Connecticut for school. Luckily, I found a used volvo guy close to home and took a look at his stock. While there were other options available, I had previously driven another C70 coupe HPT and loved it-so the nautical blue iteration immediately drew my attention. Unfortunately, the dealer was unable to provide me with a detailed service record since it was purchased at auction and the previous owner(s) were not the record keeping types. Following purchase, I took it on a ~300 mile drive back to Connecticut. On the way, it threw a CEL (ultimately resolved with a new gas cap-yes, this time the P0442 was actually solved with a new gas cap.). However, in researching the archives of this great resource, I found that the ETM was an all-but guaranteed problem for MY2001 volvos and that brought me to Xemodex.

For anyone considering their product, I highly recommend them for the following reasons. First, they make the transaction extremely easy. If you have any questions, they answer them promptly and precisely. Second, the shipping from Canada is entirely reasonable given the two options: 3-day express or overnight delivery. I think it is very significant that the return shipping and customs documents are provided and prepaid. Third and most importantly, I had a momentary meltdown while I had the original ETM almost removed from the car. I say this, because the cable connecting the ETM to the overall system had been cut by a previous owner or mechanic and was spliced back together. (It obviously worked, because I cannot attribute that to any problems on the car.) It is important for prospective purchasers to know that the cable cannot be cut without forfeiting the core deposit. As a result, it was with a heavy heart that I packaged the core up with the severed cable and explained what happened in a note to Xemodex. I did not expect any refund and would have returned to Xemodex for any of the products they offer in the future, but today I was notified that Xemodex saw fit to provide me with a full refund given the less than optimal condition of the ETM cable before my purchase.

In closing, I'd like to commend Xemodex for its good faith dealing. They are an excellent company and I highly recommend them to anyone considering their products. This is a company that-unlike Volvo in this instance-stands by its product and allows itself the discretion to work with its customers.

Thanks. JHR

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Post by drkaeppel »

Vehicle: S70 Non Turbo 2.4L
Year: 1999
current Mileage: 118,097
In Service Date: August, 1998
ETM sticker color: White
ETM replaced? Y
How Many times? 1
Mileage ETM installed? 118,093

I purchased this car in 2010 with 76,000 miles on it and without doing any prior research on some of the notorious issues with this car. Within the first few months of owning the car, it started displaying signs of a failing ABS module (easily fixed by MattyMoo) as well as a failing ETM. It started with a rough idle. The tach would hover between 1000 and 700 RPM, occasionally dipping below 700 RPM. This eventually threw a CEL, ETS light and the car would go into limp home mode. That year, I took the car to a nearby Volvo dealership where they performed a software update and throttle body cleaning. This temporarily resolved the symptoms my S70 was showing, until the same symptoms returned about two months ago in August.

I went with the Repair and Return Service from XeMODeX, which ended up costing around $500 including shipping. Aside from being without a car for over a week, the process was relatively painless! The people I spoke with at Xemodex have been easy to deal with. Once my ETM was received by Xemodex, they had it turned around on the same day.

I installed my new ETM today, which took about 15 minutes. There were a few hiccups when I first started the car. It died within a few seconds each time, but it turns out I didn't have the intake hose to the ETM on straight. After figuring that out, I let it idle for about 10 minutes and revved it a bit to see how it responded. Throttle response is MUCH more smooth. The engine idles right around 900 RPM, as it should and the tach needle stays steady. I have only driven the car a few miles since installing the new ETM, so I can't vouch for it's reliability just yet, but I will give another update in a few days.

So far so good!

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Post by drkaeppel »


It's been longer than a few days since made my original post, sorry! I currently have 122,400 miles on the odometer and my Xemodex throttle is still working perfectly. Since replacing, I have had zero issues with rough idle, ETS light, or CELs.

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Post by frogprince »

Vehicle: S60
Year: 2001
current Mileage: 100,460
In Service Date: 5/9/2014
ETM sticker color: white
ETM replaced? Apparently not.
How Many times?
Mileage ETM installed? 100,460

I bought this car two years ago, with only 62,000 miles shown. It ran ok at first, but began to pull a CEL code P0171 consistently. The engine run very roughly at idle once it was warm, and the auto transmission shifted very had into the lower gears when coming to a stop. I invested two hours of labor at the dealer, who verified that the problem was the ETM. He was willing to apply that labor time to the replacement, and stated that he'd never had a vehicle with a Volvo replacement ETM come back to him. I believe him, I've had very good luck and satisfaction with this dealer (Volvo of Cincinnati), but I've had 35 years of experience in the electronics business, and I didn't want another unit with a pot in the control loop. I did have a problem with the Xemodex web site; the site doubled the core charge for the ETM. Cindy in customer support was very helpful, took my order and VIN number, gave me the web site discount, and Fed Ex called to confirm the next morning delivery time that same afternoon. My local mechanic installed the unit, and without removing the intake manifold or fan. The car runs so much better now it's incredible, and no software update was required. The engine and transmission track each other, and the shifts are much, much smoother. The idle is consistent at 700 rpm or so. I'll try to remember to update my experience in a year or so, but right now, I'm really happy.
2001 S60 2.4T

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Post by jayhightower »

Year: 2002 V70
current Mileage: 135,000
In Service Date: 12/9/2013
ETM sticker color: Yellow
ETM replaced? Yes with Xemodex
Mileage ETM installed? 124,000

Removed original and sent to Canada - Still had to have dealer load the software as the new unit did not work when installed. Tach is solid as a rock now.

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Post by englemancr »

Here are my symptoms described in detail. https://www.matthewsvolvosite.com/forums ... =9&t=66241

2001 Volvo V70 2.4T with 105,000 miles and a white label ETM that appears to never have been changed.

I didn't have any OBD codes, I didn't have any hunting at idle, and the flowchart from XemodeX did not apply to my situation. I found a local independent mechanic and had them do an ETM Sweep Test. It came back with a max difference of 76 degrees. The mechanic said the car should not be running as well as it did with a test that bad.

Ordered a XemodeX ETM on Thursday at 11am and it was on my doorstep Friday at 8am (Indiana). Installed it in 1.5 hours.

Engine runs perfect. Very satisfied.

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Post by sanfelice »

Has anyone experienced a misfire from the ETM only after the car is fully at operating temperature (and, usually, only after it experiences some heat from a highway run?)

My V70R is suffering these symptoms, but runs fine around town for short trips. It is only after maybe 10 miles or more that I feel these symptoms and they are HARSH; it is not a slight misfire, all cylinders seem to misfire. I have replaced plugs, coils, cleaned MAF to no avail. I did replace both O2 sensors and it seemed to go away for a good while, but now it has returned. (Mind you, car was put away for 18 mo. when this got bad, and I could not deal with it but now having to deal with it).

Thanks for any insight to this real problem for me.

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