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Official Engine Stalling Thread

Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.

1992 - 1997 850, including 850 R, 850 T-5R, 850 T-5, 850 GLT
1997 - 2000 S70, S70 AWD
1997 - 2000 V70, V70 AWD
1997 - 2000 V70-XC
1997 - 2004 C70

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My mechanic has tried alot of things and finally realised that if he places more voltage in than would normally come from a battery the problem goes away. Of course this hasn't solved the problem, but it may give some pointers........Any ideas?


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Here's a " me too" - started as cutting out at lights etc. and has reached point of not being able to restart - this took probably a year or more before reaching this point

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After 11 replies to this thread, I'm not seeing a common origin to this problem that would cause Volvo to recall 850s/70s.

To me it looks like a handful of different 5-10 year old parts wearing out.

I'll leave this "stickyed" for a few more days, then after that I'll cut it free, unless someone can convince me that there is a common part causing it.


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me too!

1995 850 Turbo Wagon w/ AT

Engine is cutting out while on Freeway. At first was intermittent - (1-2 secondes), then power kicks back in.

Last drive though, it cut out for about 5 seconds...


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I '94 850 wagon doing the same. Stalls randomly and then restarts after a liitle while. Seems to be worse in warm weather. A friend mentioned a "check valve" problem oh his 2000 V70. This started 3 years ago, I had the fuel pump replaced, and it coninued after. There must be a common problem and would appreciate an investigation.


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This may warrant "Sticky" Status again.

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I may as well add my "Me too...". For me, the entire dash lights up and the engine sputters and dies. I've been trying to see some pattern to this, but so far have found none.

I have a 94 850 wagon (non turbo) with just under 200k miles. This seems to happen in all weather conditions and at all temperatures. It has happened several times during a low speed right-hand turn.

It has also happened (rather alarmingly) three times on the highway. I think it was just after going into second gear; I believe I had just let off the gas.

Most of the time it happens while in traffic at low speed (under 30mph); I have always associated it with coasting after a period of acceleration, but I can't be sure that that is always the case.

This problem comes up about once every one or two weeks. It's never happened twice in the same day; the frequency doesn't seem to be increasing (this has been happening for about a year). It always starts up immediately after turning off the ignition.

Interestingly, a coworker with a 740 is an amateur radio enthusiast. He said that RF interference with the computer can precipitate the same symptoms. He had to buy RF shielding for his car. He thought that it was possible for a passing truck with a powerful enough CB to cause this, but that seems a bit far-fetched to me...


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Your described symptoms fit mine to a tee except for 2 things, which unfortunately I get to look forward to if i don't get this problem fixed before this "part" dies altogether:

1. As long as I give it gas (accelerate), it seems to be OK. In other words, it has not done it while accelerating or at normal or high speeds yet. Crosses fingers.

2. It seems to happen in my case more when the outside temparatue is 65 degees F. or more.

I read something about when cleaning the throttle body if you also clean a "buterfly valve" in it it helps since the orifice opening is set real close at the factory and this is where the actual "clog" of oil/varnish/carbon deposits is or somesuch.

See this link here for a further discussion.

https://www.matthewsvolvosite.com/chat/p ... php?t=3729
It's starting to look like the ETM is the key to all this.

Having said that, when I had this problem about 2 years ago it was different. It would just cut out under all conditions and that was solved by replacing the CAM Sensor which I did myself since it's easily accesible.

This deceleration/coming to asto things seems to be the ETM to me though.

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