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VIDA -- "Click on the VCT 2000 symbol"?

How to buy, install and use VIDA, VADIS, DiCE, VMWare and all the questions and answers that come with these tools.
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VIDA -- "Click on the VCT 2000 symbol"?

Post by Aussie_S40 »

I've been playing around with a DiCE and the VIDA software. For many of the functions, it says to do so and so by "clicking on the VCT 2000 symbol".

What does this mean? I can't see any such symbol in the software, and certainly not on the DiCE.

Does anyone know what this means?

Here's an example. (Yes, I know you can reset the service light by using the trip meter reset button.)

Resetting the service reminder lamp (SRL)
Note! This option is used to reset the service reminder lamp (SRL) function. When this function is selected, the control module counters for engine hours, mileage and time since the last service are reset.
- Ignition on.

Reset the service reminder lamp (SRL) by clicking on the VCT 2000 symbol.

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Post by woodswolf »

Yes you said you can reset the service reminder light !!! But "HOW"????

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Post by Choguy03 »

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Post by Homebrand »

Old Post I know - but I initially had the same issue when using the program.
On the page in the VIDA software, there is an image next to the text.
Its hard to read.
Roll your mouse pointer over it and it will change to a hand. Click it.
I found a screen shot on another site.

The circled image in the screenshot below is the VCT-2000 symbol.

Hope this helps - someone in the FUTURE

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Post by cancunia »

Many thanks!

Why they couldn't just say click below to continue ...........

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Post by RickHaleParker »

cancunia wrote: 18 Jan 2022, 09:32 Many thanks!

Why they couldn't just say click below to continue ...........
Click on the VCT 2000 to program. Click on [ Continue ] to continue reading. Two different paths you can take.
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Post by packetfire »

Clicking on "VCT-2000" is paying homage to those of us who lurked in back alleys and obtained the software by offering illicit hallucinogenic substances in exchange, and then spent hours working out the cable configurations, as cables for theses beasties were absolute unobtanium. I must have soldered up a dozen such cables for others.

Once USB ports appeared on PCs and the Chinese DiCE clones appeared, it got a LOT easier to do this stuff.
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