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2011 volvo c70cv bent strut and wheel alignment

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2011 volvo c70cv bent strut and wheel alignment

Post by teddykay » Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:25 pm

I have a 2011, C70CV Volvo and have questions regarding wheel alignment with 26,000 miles. I noticed a slight road noise and it became louder and most distinct. Went to Volvo Dealership for service and was told the back tires were beginning to “cup” because the tires had not been rotated and new tires would have to be purchased.
The tires are Michelins (235/45/17, Pilot MXM4).

Took the Volvo to another service shop; they put the car up for an inspection and asked me to look at it with them. The front tires looked good. The both inside rear tire edges were worn in patches (some slick spots). The service shop told me this type of wear indicated out of alignment.

Talked with Michelin. Michelin directed me to a local authorized tire dealership, who consulted directly with Michelin during the inspection. End result was two new tires at a discount; however, the tire dealership told me to return to Volvo Dealership for proper alignment. Again, the front tires looked good, therefore, only the tires in the rear needed replacement. New tires were placed in the front and the front tires were moved to the rear.

Returned to Volvo Dealership, asked for alignments and also a double check on wheel balancing. End result: Told right front camber is out of specs with no adjustment available, suspected bent right front strut assembly. Now I’m told I need to replace the front strut. I do not recall ever hitting a deep pothole or curbing; found no damage to the wheel rims or front tires. But, I’ve no way to prove any other possibility.

The only thing I can think of is: At 3000 miles I took the car to the dealership because I noticed a funny noise when making sharp turns. They found that shipping spacers had not been removed. Could damage been done at that time? Like a dummy, I did not concern myself with an alignment at that time. Could the car dealership had a good original alignment with freight spacers still in the car? But, should the excessive tire damage have shown up before the additional 23,000 miles?

Are you aware of C70 Volvos having any problems with struts?

Upon inspection of Volvo Dealership’s Measurements Before and After alignment, I question whether the rear tire Camber settings should be closer to the recommendation.. After alignment: Left Rear Wheel Camber setting is –2.3 degree, Toe .17 degree. Right Rear Wheel Camber setting is –2.7 degree, Toe .18 degree. Do not want the same problem with excessive inside rear tire wear to occur again. Is it reasonable to insist on improved rear camber alignment?

Copy of Volvo Dealership alignment statement is included.

Sincerely, Teddykay
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