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Red 95 850na

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Red 95 850na

Post by adventurer2112 » Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:19 pm

Hi All, Last 5 years. Red 95 850 na bought at 125K miles, seller said he put new timing belt, pump etc. I've owned Red 5 years now. Paid $1455. $300 Maaco paint job

Replaced : light bulb in gear selector and ashtray ($4), headlights, (2 maybe $40 from walmart), radiator($140), coolant reservoir tank cap($5), starter & solenoid as one unit($120), battery($60), Spark plug wires $30 (diy ers), Rotor & dist. cap ($60), 4 battery cable terminals ($15), positive battery cable($10), fuel pump ($50), AC dryer ($1200 Viking Volvo rip off), serpentine belt($30), ($15~glove box lock, trunk lock assembly-), flushed transmission, transmission lines clips ($105), ($38)brake pads, ($5)anti-sway bar end link (1),($10) S70 wood shifter knob. ($36) Used blower fan motor and resistor. Ash tray & supporting mechanism ($8), AC recharge Duracool (great stuff $80),($5) lighter socket, fuel & oil filters. left turn signal($25),($120) passenger side lower engine mount bushing? Driver's side window ($40), Driver's side window regulator ($40),Cruise control switch at foot pedal and under battery tray ($25), MCC unit LKQ ( 25), mcc vent position switch (rip off Viking Volvo),2 cup holders $6, jack $10, Both CV axles Sept. 2013 ($105 Oreillys) as of Sept 2013

Sept 18, 2013($22) Installing driver incline seat electric motor & cable, lighter socket. Trying to fix mcc swith to change air routing positions.

Up soon --- PCV hose and parts. and Clean IAC, MAF. Replace plugs, wires, rotor and dist. cap.
Have the parts for the timing belt kit ($ 230) ~(not yet installed),
Lining up parts & instructions with pictures heater core & hoses

Still to go ~~~~ Horn fix. Cruise control trouble shooting. Hopefully just the AC compressor (LKQ $51)and sunroof(flips up but will not go back) to go (LKQ $120), then Hood and another $300 paint job. Full size spare tire, right turn signal light in dash.

BLUE 95 Volvo 850 na bought at 170K miles. 4 new tires $336, positive battery cable $30, blue flame shifter knob cover $11, S70 wood shifter knob $10, trunk struts $10, cup holder $3,

fixing driver side incline, cable or cable repair, at some point Sept.19, 2013 Have to fix mcc vent position switch. windshield leak sealer

Up soon or: PCV and Timing belt ~ water pump, hydraulic tensioner, serpentine belt, timing belt, fixing driver side incline, cable or cable repair, at some point evaporator /drier, Duracool recharge,etc Put in 2 AC cans, lasted 20 minutes or so. Needs light in clock temp dash.