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DIY: 1998 S70 GLT Ignition Tumbler FREE Fix! Topic is solved

Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.

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Re: DIY: 1998 S70 GLT Ignition Tumbler FREE Fix!

Post by cn90 »


Separate compartments, the key slot is like your house key slot, it uses graphite lubricant.
The other compartment (the guillotine etc.) uses grease.
Please post feedback as to your solutions.
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Post by buffmont »

DUDE, You are a lifesaver !!

I had just read this post two weeks ago, and sure enough, this afternoon the ignition on my 99 V70 ( 112 K) would not budge.

And tomorrow we are taking off on a vacation !

AAA towed me home OK, Then I read the post again, used a cutting wheel just as depicted, pryed that roach out and voila the ignition works again and we are on our way tomorrow,

Thanks for sharing this !

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Post by goVolvo »

goVolvo wrote:I am wondering the locking mechanism probably is seoarated from key slot in terms of lubrication. Key slot uses graphite power while the locking mechanism uses grease. They are in separated space and do not mix. I will try inject some hair clipper blade oil into the locking mechanism to make the gease thinner. Maybe safer than WD40.
Just a late report. I am so lazy and didn't do anything yet. But I have not hit the problem so far in Spring and Summer. Maybe it will come back in Winter again and I'll try deal with it.

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Post by cn90 »

One year report...
This mod works flawlessly, zero issues.
Of course, you will lose SW Lock feature but to me, it is a worthless feature.
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Post by benpineapple »

This issue started like the one time my wife drove my car. Couldn't remove the key from the tumbler, it felt super stiff. Very annoying. However, like 2 weeks later, the assembly seemed to move freely again. Cut away that bottom plate, and the little pin thing fell out with it! I guess it must have broken, then been stuck in the assembly mucking everything up until it completely fell out.
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Post by mecheng »

If my lock is fine and you cut the plate open, do you still have the SW Lock feature or do you lose it. Just wondering?

Once the plate is open, pieces will drop down automatically?
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Post by cn90 »

Once the plate is removed:

1. You will lose the SW function, which I personally don't care for.
The SW Lock feature is an antiquated theft-prevention feature that was designed in the 1960s.

2. Yes, once the plate is removed, the small little pieces will fall off and you are done.

PS: I did this mod in Dec 2014, 2 years later, zero issues. Tumbler turns smoothly.
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Post by nickosonic »

This worked great for me! My problem was steering lock stuck on but ignition key turning and working correctly. So starting up but lock stuck on. Ground off the plate as OP shows and wheel lock freed up! Same little broken tab fell out. Saved me best part of £500 to have it sorted. Thanks for this fix!

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Post by zhenya »

Ugh. Just paid to have a new tumbler installed today. I had both the intermittent jammed key and the full 360 degree rotation. Couldn't risk getting stranded. Big bill to swallow though!

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Post by DaveP189 »

My V70XC is right now sitting in the driveway with the key stuck in the ignition. No problems turning it, except it seems it just needs another couple millimeters to turn fully off.
Just got home from a 30 mile trip, I had a hard time getting it to start when I left to come home. It seemed like it wanted to, turned over fine, but if it did "catch" it would barely idle at about 400-500 rpms, then quit - thought it was flooded, to be honest - took me about 10 minutes to get it to fire. Then all at once it started just fine. (???)
Zero issues with this in the 2-1/2 years I've owned it (currently at 148k miles), but have had a couple times recently were the shifter didn't want to come out of park.

Just double checking before I try this... or looking for ideas. This the family "truckster", so need to get it reliable for my Sweetie relatively quickly.
Thanks in advance.
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