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2002 V70 transmission leak

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2002 V70 transmission leak

Post by equiprx » Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:17 pm

I am having some non critical leaking on my 2002 V70, 2.4t.
The exploded diagram shows a gasket between the case and the steel cover on the front.
Volvo said there is no gasket on my 2002 trans.
Is that correct??? And why is the dipstick located directly below two hot hoses????
That makes hard to see and not possible to check level when the engine is warm.
When I brought it to the local mechanic he wanted approx $600 to repair.
If that was the only issue with the car it might make sense.
Since I don't have any resources I thought I might try it myself.
Two of the Torx fasteners cannot be accessed without removing the trans.

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Re: 2002 V70 transmission leak

Post by abscate » Fri Jul 20, 2018 4:29 am

Split from the start stop AW55 transmission thread

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Re: 2002 V70 transmission leak

Post by SuperHerman » Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:48 pm

I assume this is the AW automatic transmission. I assume your leak is from the valve body cover/pan. With these assumptions - It does not run a gasket but uses RTV. You can use a gasket on the transmission from a Nissan Maxima that uses the same transmission model under $10.00 (other cars also use this transmission and use a gasket rather than RTV).

I like the gasket as it is easier to install and if you have an issue easier to clean up the valve body and valve body cover/pan.

Every torx fastener can be removed without removing the transmission. I have done this about five times, never taking out the transmission.

I suggest you do some searching for valve body repair - there are some very good ones with great pictures (maybe even videos). All you are going to do (besides draining the fluid and refilling it) is remove the valve body cover/pan, clean up all the rtv on both sides, and then reinstall. If you use a gasket it will make install pretty easy.

I have never done your repair just to repair a leak, rather I have done it to get to the valve body. You are going to just do the first few steps and last few steps. Back on topic, if I recall the final times I did it I didn't even drain the coolant - I just worked around the hose with different tools. You will have to take off a few items, I don't recall which, but nothing too difficult. Not sure if you have to lower the subframe - it will be in the write ups.

If you do remove everything it is a good time to add new coolant and do a transmission drain and fill rather than reuse your old fluid.

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