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rear speakers crackling '99 c70

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rear speakers crackling '99 c70

Post by wrathofpaul »

all of a sudden now my rear speakers are making this horrible crackling/static noise, even when I mute the radio. sounds like the sound when you put raw power to the speakers. The head unit is aftermarket, not sure about the speakers. we had a lot of rain yesterday so i'm assuming something got wet. what would be the best way to pinpoint where this is coming from? I assume i would just follow the wires and find out if there is a point where they are touching or have a connection to ground where they shouldnt have.

Also, what does the speaker button in the back seat console do? does it turn the rear speakers on/off? I just discovered that today. lol

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Post by BEJinFbk »

Who installed the HU?
The OEM in a C70 system can get a little hairy with aftermarket integration.
Only the installer will know what was done and how. That would be really good
stuff to know to help find your problem.

And the switch is for the factory subs in the rear seats.

Speakers behind rear seat backrest (option)
The button on the rear console is used to turn the
optional speakers behind the rear seat backrest on or off.
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Post by bobc997615 »

If they are the stock speakers, I made sure that the main speaker cone "slides" freely from the tweeter. I used a strip of paper to clean the gap between the tweeter and the brass sleeve to remove any dirt that would cause the main speaker cone to "hang" and cause distortion.

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