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Won't start after Cleaning throttle body

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Won't start after Cleaning throttle body

Post by mbn2000 »

Help, I cleaned my throttle body the other day, got it looking purdy, put everything back together to the way it was, but now when I try to start it, it goes through the first starting sequence, and then goes back down to idle and dies immediately. I then tried it again and revved it, and immediately died when coming down from the revs. Please help, I'm thinking its a vacuum leak, I just don't know where or if it really is that. any help would be appreciated, thank you!!
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Re: Won't start after Cleaning throttle body

Post by 800artfreed »

Did you saturate the TB? One side has sensor rheostat wipers and the other side has the motor that actually moves the throttle plate. Perhaps letting it dry for a day will restore proper function.
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