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Your thoughts on a used V50 wagon?

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Re: Your thoughts on a used V50 wagon?

Post by teatimecrumpet » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:23 pm

I'm a newbie car tinkerer. Long time lurker here and just happened on this thread.

My gf has had her 2006 v50 for about 7 years now and it just hit 100k miles on it.

We really don't know much about cars but it ended up needing a new wheel bearing and a control arm.

It's always had some vibration and am looking to put in new mounts to see if it'll help.

Sunroof leaked like a mofo and completely submerged the passenger side. I mean if you pushed down on the rear passenger side floor it looked like a water bed. Can't imagine what it looks like under there now. (I'd disassemble the whole thing but my gf would flip.) Anyway, passenger side front drain at the sunroof was clogging up. I'd look out for that and maybe funnel some drano into it once a year.

Other than that we've always loved the car and just recently spoke about how it's pretty perfect in terms of utility. We haul a bunch of stuff often and it's great for that. I mean if you look at the other new wagons out there and they barely have much more space than a civic.

I pray that this v50 lasts us until we pass this mortal coil. And if it doesn't we'll look for another v50.

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Re: Your thoughts on a used V50 wagon?

Post by MadeInJapan » Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:46 am

The roof drain and tube leading the water away from the car and not into the car is a known problem with these cars and there's a fairly easy fix for that. If needed I can find the thread on that and post a link here- a great discussion and solution(s) over on Swedespeed.
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Re: Your thoughts on a used V50 wagon?

Post by denverdan » Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:36 pm

Here's my fix--worked for me and saved having to disassemble anything!--
I started by carefully pouring gentle enzymatic drain cleaner into gutter (this is the stuff you put in drains overnight to slowly soften and dissolve organic matter--it's more soap than solvent).

Then, I had good luck feeding a 1/8" clothesline (vinyl-coated multi-strand steel cable--got mine at Home Depot by the foot) directly from the gutter area on my V50. You can find the inlet heading out at a 45-degree angle from each of the front corners of the sunroof gutter, with roof open. This saves having to remove A-pillar trim.

By gently twisting the cable left and right, you can work it through the elbows, with the enzyme cleaner helping to lubricate. When you reach to outlet (3-4 feet in), I had to twist the cable again to work it through the rubber opening. This worked well for my completely blocked drain on passenger side (it seems that this one tends to plug first, as the curb side of car is typically where all the water drains when parked).

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Re: Your thoughts on a used V50 wagon?

Post by redbrick » Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:56 pm

I have 193k on my 2005 V50 T5 AWD.
When I bought it I was very skeptical...after all these years it's earned it's keep.
Buying a used one you should look for axle ping...drive shafts get sloppy on these after 150k plus...pricey. You can pick it up by giving it gas and then letting off...you should hear it.
If you are AWD, wheel bearings go out every 60 to 80k. You can hear em loud and clear.
If you live in an area where you need to deal with rust you'll have problems with the wheel position sensors...and end up with axles...pricey.
Rear camber is an issue until it's correctly set. Look for inside wear.
Make sure the timing belt has been done....water pump is good for two belts and maybe longer.
Struts, shocks, mounts on mine are all original...as is the entire exhaust.
If the bolts mounting from the exhaust to the turbo get hit (bump the exhaust hard) you could shear them off...they rust and if they shear you'll need a turbo or a weld job.
Electronics are rock solid..where is that nonsense coming from? The battery? Mine only lasted 11 years. The positive cable has been know to corrode...like all Volvo's I've owned. Mine has not been changed yet.
Sunroof will flood you until you fix the tubes.
Bodies are a bit more prone to rust then the V70's but better than any other make...
I'd be very careful about buying one with high miles only because I know what mine has needed to get where it is...I'm planning on at least 100K more based upon the condition and what I've done to it.
If you can find one with a manual box...buy it.
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