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1995 850 Turbo not starting, other issues

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1995 850 Turbo not starting, other issues

Post by 1995blackturbowagon »

Hey there, I've been having issues with my 1995 850 Turbo wagon and would appreciate any comments, diagnostics, suggestions anyone can offer. I just came back from a month-long vacation to find my Volvo won't start. Jumped it today (in light rain) with no results. It turns over/makes revving noises (lawnmower syndrome?) but won't catch or start. I started to have some issues with it before I left, then it sat for a month, now I need it to get me 15 hours across country by April.

Only maintenance I have done on it in the past few months is oil change and cleaned the air filter and MAF sensor, and I had to replace a vaccuum hose (below the turbo, I think). Have meant to reset the fuel trim but haven't gotten around to it.

The issues I have had most recently started after I drove from snowy, salt-covered roads of Northern Arizona to Texas, and over to New Orleans. These are the things I remember about the car's behavior and the engine codes I pulled last month:

-- RPMS go up/it revs higher when going downhill, even when coasting/no brakes, then lowers again when accelerate up hill
-- hear weird puffing, cyclic/rhythmic sound when turn on heat/blower, sometimes the sound will start randomly too.
-- hesitating acceleration and maybe braking too??
-- When i talked to a mechanic in new orleans and showed him the codes, he asked if I had been driving anywhere with salt on the ground (yes, i had) and that a lot of the stuff had to do with the ABS system
-- High idle sounds when started

241 EGR system flow malfunction

A3 - ABS
213 Left rear wheel sensor, no signal on moving off
214 Right rear wheel sensor, no signal on moving off
142 Faulty brake pedal switch, open or short
121 Left front wheel sensor, faulty signal <40 km/h

A7 - Combined Instrument (Trip Computer)
112 Fuel gauge short circuit
122 Temp. sensor interval too long
121 Temp. sensor interval too short
113 Fuel gauge open circuit

B1 - Electronic climate control
141 Faulty signal from driver’s side temperature selector switch
211 Driver’s side damper motor position sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
231 Ventilation damper motor position sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
323 Ventilation damper motor active too long
411 Blower fan seized or drawing excessive current
414 Driver’s side interior temperature sensor inlet fan seized
417 Passenger’s side interior temperature inlet fan seized
418 No control signal to blower fan power stage
419 Faulty diagnostic signal from blower fan power stage

B2 - Cruise control
122 Speed has not exceeded 22mph or no speed signal

THANK YOU for any help you can give me!!
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Post by abscate »

Ok, for a no start, you have to isolate the problem to either ignition or fuel delivery. I like a shot of starter fluid ( ether) in the intake air cleaner as a quick test, but you can also start by pulling a spark plug, resting it on the block for ground, and checking for spark while cranking.

Then pull the other four, keeping the order right, put a soda straw of engine oil into each cylinder, replace with new Bosch plugs, try it again.

Your ABS system has problems with either wheel sensors it more likely, broken wires. The ABS module could have broken solder joints too, $100 fix Fromm mattymoo at midwestabs

Your climate system sounds like it has a seized fan and sensor fans, junkyard items, or just open your window. :-)
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