Clicking Noise When Foot Goes On/Off Accelerator

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Re: Clicking Noise When Foot Goes On/Off Accelerator

Post by jonesg »

cn90 wrote: Mon May 21, 2018 9:58 pm - Now I wonder if I should grease the CV Joints "in situ".

- This is what I am thinking:
* Remove the wheel.
* Jack stand under subframe.
* Leave the axle in place.
* Undo the larger Oetiker clamps on both Inner and Outer joints.
* Add grease.
- Re-install the Oetiker clamps (using new clamps).

Has anyone done this (adding grease in situ)?
Pulled a rear axle this weekend doing a bearing, lotta work. I'd at least try doing it the easy way first.

If it gets stuck having a slide hammer on hand is very useful. And pry bars.

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Post by Iroll1996 »

Little late but....sounds exactly like my issue, that would certainly be axle ping! These trannys are tanks, may need an update on older models but they rarely go bad internally even with poor fluid maintenance. Volvo came out with an axle ping bolt which is now discontinued (?idk why?) but you can find it online still. Im sure thread lock or grease would help lessen the noise as well and save $$$. The ping bolts are worth the money in my opinion tho, no more clicking shifting up or down in low gear.

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Post by earthworm »

Yes, with Saab, 1967 >, also, as a part of their maintenance schedule, 60s.70s .
And, with the '96 900..
With VW, we had to disassemble the CV joint, clean, inspect, repack, re install … those were the days … up to the 90s .
IF the click-click emulates from the joint, then its replace time …

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Post by abscate »

There are people who advocate injected grease into CVs with a needle but Inhave never been a fan. The grease has to get to the ball bearings and lands to effectively lubricate, just getting some grease in there isn’t useful, imho.

Taking the axle off, rebooting, clean, inspect, regrease, good for another 250,000 miles
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axle ping, i have this as well on my '06 xc70 with 91K.

i've yet to try to re-grease but when i'm due to replace the CV joints i'll probably grease heavily, in the interim i'm living with it, seems to be a known issue and not related to transmission issue as i understand it.

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