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2011 xc70 prop shaft cv joint

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Joined: Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:40 pm
Year and Model: 2011 XC70 T6
Location: Calgary
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2011 xc70 prop shaft cv joint

Post by braggxc70 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:07 pm

On my 2011 XC70 T6, the front CV joint is leaking grease. The rubber boot is still intact, but it looks like grease is coming out between the metal parts of the CV joint? Also, I have a starting "hum" on deceleration. Do you agree that it sounds like the CV joint needs to be replaced? Has anyone done this on the P3 (2008+) platform? Is the DIY basically the same as on the previous models? Can I do this without removing the exhaust?
I appreciate your help with my questions!

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Year and Model: 2011 xc70, 2012 s60
Location: Boston, MA
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Re: 2011 xc70 prop shaft cv joint

Post by kumagan » Sun May 27, 2018 6:58 pm

I have taken the shaft out of my 2011 xc70. Yes it can be done without exhaust removal.

Remove driveshaft cv bolts front and rear with a 8mm hex socket, a universal and extensions.

I then unbolted the carrier mounts from the car. I started with the rear and then did the front carrier mount.

Exhaust heat shield gets in the way on the front so I bent it rather than remove it. Push shaft to one side and remove carrier bolt then push to other side and remove second bolt.

This car has a 3 piece shaft. The front cv joint can be purchased generically for about $40. The rear cv joint can not be removed by conventional means. The rear is pressed on and I did not remove it. Volvo says that the rear is not serviceable. This car has 2 carrier bearings and they cannot be removed because that shaft is permanently assembled. One on my bearings was bad.

The best price for this shaft is about 1K from a dealer !!!! I can not find an aftermarket one. I don't want to replace it with a used one. I'm driving as 2wd now.

Good luck

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