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2010 XC60 T6 - Eternal P0420

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Re: 2010 XC60 T6 - Eternal P0420

Post by slovi1 »

I'll give you a quick update on mine. I think my case is rather unique but I am sure there are others that may have experienced similar situations. I have replaced a lot of the same parts you did but the check engine just kept on coming back. I finally went to a different place and I was told that they have installed an AFTERMARKET Catalytic Converter even though I was charged and was given corresponding paperwork telling me I was given OEM. You can imagine what kind of shocker that news was to me. Basically I was ripped off. I went back to the original place and showed the the pictures, paperwork, etc.... and of course I got a long run around about how they never had any issues with aftermarket converters, to trying to tell me that I agreed to aftermarket converter (with OEM pricing), to something about disgruntled mechanic that did the work and is no longer working for them. Anyways, after long back and forth they gave up and ordered OEM converter and put it in for me while I waited in the lobby watching. It has been 8 months and 8K miles without check engine line. Moral of the store: trust but always verify.
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Re: 2010 XC60 T6 - Eternal P0420

Post by XC60Newb »

Wow, that is crazy. Glad you got it fixed. Unfortunately for me, it was the Volvo dealership that installed so I would have to assume it was an OEM, but I guess I should still get under and verify.
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Re: 2010 XC60 T6 - Eternal P0420

Post by jenkinskg »

I have a 2011 xc60 3.2 no turbo
It also have the eternal p0420 error
Changed many things, some of the o2 sensors I bought new give me a new code all together.
New CAT on it now power feels even better, last cat was Magnaflow, worked ok, started codes, then it started to fail at the flex pipe
Got a refund and put a diff replacement on the car now.
Another thing that seems unique about mine is the exhaust manifold only has 1 outlet and no CAT in it.
Most 3.2 I have seen have 2 Ex manifolds with cats in them.

How do I track down cause?
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Re: 2010 XC60 T6 - Eternal P0420

Post by arturos »

thx for all the posts, my wife 2010 xc60 t6 , around 90k miles started having this issue, i just keep clearing those codes, our situation is that car was moved overseas to europe and i believe lower octanes 87 might be adding to this issue as using any has type in usa was okey, no errors, will keep checking this thread and update if any findings
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Re: 2010 XC60 T6 - Eternal P0420

Post by pgill »

My neighbor had a P0420 on his Toyota and I fixed it about a year ago

Note: I don't own a Toyota, I've never owned a Toyota

Here is what I would do on a Volvo 3.0T with P0420

1. Change the Thermostat (They fail about 10 years or 100K)

2. Change the sparkplugs get the 3459 Denso Iridium Twin Tip FK20HQR8

- if you prefer you can get these in a volvo box (I'll post the part number if you want to go that route)

3. Inspect the coil pack upon removal (if the insulator is burnt or cracked then replace)

4. Use dielectric grease on the top of the insulator for the spark plugs

5. Inspect the old plugs, if the #6 plug is darker than the rest then replace the PCV

Note: the spark plugs I am recommending are what Volvo specified on the 3.0T later in its lifecycle

One last note: change your spark-plugs every 50,000 miles.

As I stated at the beginning of the post I followed the above advice and fixed P0420 on a Toyota, and I did use Denso Iridium Twin Tip Spark-Plugs

Take care

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Re: 2010 XC60 T6 - Eternal P0420

Post by Dzikiewicz »

Where are you guys buying the OEM cats? From Volvo directly? Or is there a cheaper alternative that will make the codes go away
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