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2010 S80 T6 serpentine belt change

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2010 S80 T6 serpentine belt change

Post by TSuter » Thu May 17, 2018 12:25 pm

My wife's S80 now has 164k on it. To my knowledge the serpentine belt on the back of the engine has never been replaced. Since it's mounted on the back of the engine the replacement isn't as straight forward as the belts traditionally on the front of the motor. I've searched high and low for the last couple of days, but can't find anything for the DIY guys.

Does anyone know have a link that would help?


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2010 S80 T6

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Re: 2010 S80 T6 serpentine belt change

Post by FalkiD » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:35 am

I think that's the 3.2 straight 6 engine, if so, I just finished my serpentine belt on the same engine in my wife's 2008 V70. It was a nightmare compared to normal serp belt replacement. There are a few good video's, one in particular if you google steering pump replacement. That said, if you've done car repairs before, it's doable, just time consuming. It took me about 5 hours, and I've been doing all my own car repair for decades, including many 850 timing belts & serp belts. Reading google posts, I was prepared for the very odd "joined steering pump, water pump" arrangement. I also knew I had to move the A/C compressor to gain clearance. Even after doing all that, I still could not remove the belt until I removed the idler pulley. What a bogus design, I still can't believe it! The video's were very helpful. To further assist, I've written down the step-by-step procedure I used while it's fresh in my mind. Good Luck! This was one of the more excruciating repair jobs I've ever done, & I've done many.

1) Remove air filter housing, connector to intake plenum
2) Remove battery, battery tray
3) 19mm wrench to release belt tension, slide belt off idler pulley
End of easy part, the rest is torture, why build it this way???
4) Remove 2 brackets over & around air conditioner compressor
5) Remove 2 brackets around steering pump. Two of these
bolts seemed to require open-end wrenching, time consuming.
Also remove hi pressure line clip.
(Transmission shift cable is directly in your way the whole time)
6) Remove two small torx bolts holding steering pump pulley to
water pump pulley. These can be accessed using a 1/4" socket with
extension when each bolt is positioned at the upper rear of the pump.
7) Remove 2 lower steering pump bolts, a little difficult to reach.
(Transmission shift cable still in your way the whole time)
8 ) Steering pump can be separated from water pump now. Slip the belt
between the two pulleys and you can remove it from this end.
9) Remove 3 air conditioner compressor mounting bolts. Move the
compressor out enough to slip the belt between the pulley & the block.
10) Below the compressor, in the middle of its mounting bracket,
remove the idler pulley mounting bolt. Remove the idler pulley.
Mine had to come out moving it upward.

*You can FINALLY remove the belt*

Installation: pretty much the reverse. I did it in the following order:
1) Slip new belt between steering pump and water pump pulleys.
2) Reinstall steering pump 2 lower bolts, snug bolts but not fully tight yet.
3) Reach behind steering pump pulley to access water pump pulley. Hold
water pump pulley still while rotating steering pump pulley until 2 water
pump mounts snap into place in the steering pump pulley. Install small
water pump bolts. Secure lower 2 steering pump bolts.
4) Route belt around drive pulley.
5) While holding both sides of belt up, drop idler pulley back into place
from above. Tighten idler pulley bolt.
6) Remove tension on belt with 19mm wrench. Jam wrench into position while
working on A/C compressor.
7) Move A/C compressor back into position, install 3 mounting bolts, tighten.

Reinstall everything else...

Again, why would anybody design this arrangement, Wow???

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Re: 2010 S80 T6 serpentine belt change

Post by TSuter » Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:33 pm

Thanks Falk,

I have attempted this yet, had other repairs on the rest of my fleet. Plus it looks/sounds like a major PIA.

Thanks again for the write up!
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Re: 2010 S80 T6 serpentine belt change

Post by pierremcalpine » Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:47 am

This should help. You are correct though. What a PIA just to replace an Aux belt!!!

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