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1996 855 Platinum Edition, $1200, Portland OR (Future Sale)

List Volvos and Volvo parts for sale, want to buy, or for trade. Include your location!
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1996 855 Platinum Edition, $1200, Portland OR (Future Sale)

Post by Kara503 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:41 pm

The car is NOT available yet. I plan on having it available within the next month.

I will update this topic and post pictures once the car is out of my garage. The car is damaged so I expect it to take some time to find it a home and wanted to post early. If this kind of post isn't allowed I apologize, I didn't see anything disallowing it.

The bad:
I have never driven the car, nor do I plan to other than for troubleshooting purposes. I bought it because I needed the front fenders since paint is crazy expensive. Otherwise I may end up swapping other parts onto my car, but the car for sale will be whole either way (No parts missing but some may be more worn or damaged). The car has a salvaged WA title. I'm fairly certain the title is branded because of the body damage to the driver's side rear quarter panel. Will post pictures soon, it is a patch about 2 feet long by 1 foot high of dented and scratched panel. There is also paint damage running about 2/3 of the length of the roof on the passenger side, along the gutter that the roof rail sits into. The paint in that area is slightly bubbled. I didn't notice it when I bought the car, to give you an idea of the severity of it. The exhaust path ends at the downpipe. There are no cats and no muffler.

The good:
It has 130k miles and other than the salvaged title damage is in absolutely wonderful shape. I can't see any fluid leaks anywhere and the interior feels like a time capsule. The windows are tinted to approx 30% (Oregon legal limit) and it will come with a set of replica R wheels. It has a set of aftermarket projector headlights installed. PO states the power steering rack was replaced 2 years ago with an A1 Cardone rack, and he states he replaced the head gasket and performed a full timing service at the same time (Will look for a way to verify these).

As of this posting (6/11)
-The car will turn over but not start. PO states it failed to start the morning after he washed the engine bay. I will update as I troubleshoot, as of now I plan on getting the car to a running state unless I can find a taker (I may increase the price if I can get it running).
-I have not yet driven the car or proved that it has an engine or transmission that are not full of exploded parts.
-I have swapped the two front fenders with the ones off of my other 850. The panel now on the drivers side of the car has a small outward wrinkle right in the middle.