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Seat interchangeability for a 1997 S90?

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Seat interchangeability for a 1997 S90?

Post by JoebobNLacey » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:59 am

I've searched all posts in this forum with "seats" in the subject line and found a few queries, but cannot find a clear answer. I just purchased a 1997 S90 from the original owner with 130k miles on it. Really don't like the soft seats, much prefer the seats in our two 1998 70s. I have plenty of 70 series seats available to me in the local junkyards--one yard is having a $15 clearance sale on seats next weekend. Has anyone successfully crossed an 850/70 seat into a 960/90? By adapting the floor mounts, or by swapping the seat rails over? I'm also wondering whether I could achieve most of the desired feel by switching over the seat buns and springs, and possibly leather if necessary. I have fair machining skills and equipment but always prefer to learn from others' knowledge instead of making things up from scratch.

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