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2015.5 V60 Strange Rumble Noise and Vibration

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2015.5 V60 Strange Rumble Noise and Vibration

Post by Anticus » Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:10 pm

Hi all,

I bought a 2015.5 V60 Drive-E Premier with 76,000 miles on it. Had the Volvo dealer check it out, and they gave it a clean bill of health. I bought the car and within 2 weeks, I have started to notice a horribly annoying and troubling noise accompanied by vibration coming from underneath the passenger cabin.

I thought it was a bad bearing or a stuck brake caliper at first, since it sounded and felt like a rumble from uneven pavement surface, but it comes from multiple directions at different times. It's a little more common when just starting to move, such as backing out of a parking space, and it lasts for about one second every time it happens. Usually about once every minute or two.

Slightly more common at low speed, and occurs while both stationary (engine running) and moving.

It occurs with A/C and fan on or off, and the only thing that I noticed on a walkaround is that the fuel door was cracked open (the cap was secure) and I just popped it back in to place.

The only thing I can think is maybe a fuel pump failure? Even then, I have no idea why the noise/vibration would sometimes come from the front of the vehicle.

I love this car but I'm sending it back if this sort of problem happens with no warning within two weeks.

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