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P0014 After Replacing Intake Cam Seal

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P0014 After Replacing Intake Cam Seal

Post by Varney » Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:41 pm

I recently had my Intake Cam seal replaced by a friend who's a race car builder, however during the troubleshooting process, rtv silicon was added between the vvt solenoid and its gasket to make sure it wasn't that gasket that was leaking.I noticed it was idling a little rough when I picked it up but just figured that it needed to settle in or something. Obviously I was wrong, about 100 miles later I got P0014 "Cam Position Activator B, Bank 1, Timing Over Advanced." I thought that maybe the silicone was causing an issue and took the vvt solenoid off to pull the silicone out. It wasn't even attached, I just pulled it right off, then replaced the gasket, cleaned the solenoid with brake cleaner, cleared the code and went on my merry way. 100 miles later the p0014 is back. I pulled the solenoid off and watched the plunger move with manual power from closed to maybe a quarter of the hole showing. I have 3 main questions:

1) Is the vvt solenoid actuation I saw correct? (And if not should I replace the solenoid?)
2) If not, should I be checking the timing?
3) Am I just completely off base?

My apologies if this topic is already covered and I missed it.

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Re: P0014 After Replacing Intake Cam Seal

Post by Ozark Lee » Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:11 pm

You need to set the CVVT preload.

Set the timing to the marks.

Rotate the engine a couple of revolutions clockwise, by hand, and continue past the marks (clockwise) 90 degrees.

Rotate the engine back counterclockwise to the marks.

Remove the timing belt from the cams and re-thread the belt across the intake sprocket (The belt should be taught between the idler and the intake cam) and then as you go across the exhaust cam rotate the sprocket (only the outer sprocket) until the mark is vertical. Set the tensioner to the indicator being in the window and roll it though another couple of revolutions, recheck the marks and the tensioner.

At this point the bolts through the sprocket to the CVVT hub should not be at either limit in the slotted holes on the sprocket. The bolts usually aren't centered but they should not be at either extreme.

Start the engine, run it for a short time, and then recheck the tensioner. It usually takes me three or four iterations to get the tensioner set correctly.

At this point you should be able to clear the code and it shouldn't come back.

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