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Problem at injectors ?

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Problem at injectors ?

Post by hatdriver » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:45 pm

Hi, I live in Italy and I have a 1995 Volvo 850 GLE 2.0, double alimentation (gasoline and natural gas)
Natural gas alimentation is a popular modification here in Italy since the gasoline prices here.

In 2013 the gasoline pump died. Changing it was difficult end expensive because is inaccessible, since the gas bottles (that,using natural gas are very cumbersome) are mounted on top of it.

The car has been running on natural gas since then. The engine has not see gasoline for five years.
The last month I've removed the gas bottles and changed the fuel pump.
The car started, but functioning very bad: have many difficult to start, ignore the accelerator, run at max 500 rpm for few seconds then stop.

(please tell me if the video is visible or experience some difficult)

I've changed also the fuel pressure regulator, since the original one was leaking gasoline through the vacuum line and put a compatible one, that seem making his job, but this was useless, the symptoms persists.

I've checked the MAP and TPS sensors, and both of them were good.
I can post the method for checking the MAP sensor if someone is interested

After some attempt of starting the engine that way I've checked the spark plugs, that were all very fouled and wet of gasoline.

Finally the injectors: checked the internal resistance and was good in all five
Then extracted the fuel rail and powererd up the pump (bypassing the relay for continuous working) in order to check if someone was dripping. No dripping.

Finally the spray test: with the pump at full load touched the terminals of each injector with 12 volt.
All injector worked, but the spray pattern seem odd: instead of atomizing the fuel, the jet is straight, like a squirt gun.

Does my injectors malfunction? how does an healty injector spray looks like ?


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Re: Problem at injectors ?

Post by misha » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:53 pm

You will need to send those injectors to professional ultrasonic cleaning,since you drove the car 5 years on LPG/CNG...and to replace fuel filter.
Spray pattern MUST be in a mist,the pattern you have is wrong.
You're talking about MAP sensor...so it is a 10v car.They don't exist is U.S.
About fuel level,you will need to add more fuel since it's in a red line...there is a chance that fuel pump is not reaching it in the tank.Non running condition could be because of that.
Cars with in-tank fuel pump should not be driven frequently on "reserve" or when there is less than 15 liters in tank.That's a recipe for premature fuel pump failure....even for brand new one.
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Re: Problem at injectors ?

Post by Clemens » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:23 am

+1 on keeping enough fuel in the tank. My wife killed a brand new bosch pump in 3 years that eay. She must love the orange light in the dash, I guess.

You can clean the injectors yourself, there are videos on Youtube.
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