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Slight vibration at around 1400 RPM V50 T5 AWD

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Slight vibration at around 1400 RPM V50 T5 AWD

Post by Fosgate » Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:47 am

Hi guys,
I wonder if anyone had this issue,
The car is 2008 V50 T5 AWD Auto, I bought it not long ago and on the drive home I have noticed a slight vibration in the centre console when you hit around 1400RPM either during acceleration or deceleration (taking the foot of the gas pedal and letting the car to slow down). The vibration is very mild I would say most people who not into cars or look for such vibration would not notice it.

To give you bit of History about the car, looks like it had some work done on the gearbox so I believe the gearbox was removed when the valve body was replaced, it also had the LH drive shaft seal replaced couple of time but I can see it still leaking.
I put the car on hoist and I could see that the bottom gearbox mount was replaced with a new one (I thought that might be the source of the issue) and the mounting points for the propeller shaft connects to the body seem to be all good without any excessive movement in the shaft itself.

So based on my experience I think its either a problem with the transfer carrier (end bearing), incorrectly reinstalled propeller shaft (out of balance), or the LH bearing (where the LH side front shaft goes into) is on its way out which is why its still leaking from the seal there even though it was replaced couple of times.

So I wanted to know if anyone else had this issue before I jump into it and start pulling things apart.


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